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Geordie Scott has been tattooing since 1978.

That gives me 28 years of experience in the business and I have won various awards over the years.

I am the only North-Eastern tattoo artist to have a tattoo industry award & be a member of UBTC, presented at the first Tattoo Master's Ball.

I was one of the original founders of the great north tattoo and body art exhibition. My name and work have appeared in various books and magazines, including expose and skin show 2. I have also appeared on local and national television, including BBC and ITV, local and international news programs and current affairs. We appeared on Forty Minutes, where I, tattooed George Chambers, a local lad who went to Japan to compete in the World Sumo Championships.

I appeared on every episode of the document series body beautiful, where I, tattooed on every opening scene. My voice was used to narrate the scene with the Ice Mummy. I even tattooed Derek, the show's director!